Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Gut Bucket - "Shattering Your Faith"

 Gut Bucket are a 3 piece, metal-fueled punk band from Providence, Rhode Island. Their 16 track, 2012 release "Shattering Your Faith" is a face melting slab of violence and is quite a unique and wild ride indeed. Gut Bucket feature 2, yes you read that right, 2 bassist/vocalist and a drummer/vocalist, opting for a deeper, heavier sound, leaving out 6 string guitars altogether and giving the band a very original style. The snarling dual bass riffing, combined with their unrelenting drum attack, bring forth somewhat of a Misfits on death metal vibe, especially on tracks such as album opener "Castrated and Crucified", "In My Cellar", "Faceless Stomp", "Beatngu" and "Born of Shit". This 24 minute disk is filled with crusty, grimy, catchy riffs that stomp a mudhole through your speakers. Songs like "Diebrator", "Jersey Saw" and "Biter 2 (Still Biting)" are frantic blasts of manic punk rawness that all clock in at :21, :34, and :8 respectively, these tracks call to mind S.O.D. but without the sarcastic/silly theme, as you can guess by the song titles and by glaring at the disk's gory artwork, these guys are heavily into horror and showcase that influence in their lyrics and subject matter. As much as Gut Bucket showcase a huge punk/thrash metal influence musically, I also find alot of doom metal in their sound as well. The band does slow it down from time to time and shakes the ground with sludgy riffs especially in tunes like "The Creature Walks Among Us", "Solomon Grundy" and "Blue Hell". I admit, at first I didnt know what to make of this band, but after a couple spins through I became addicted to this disk and I'm glad to know the monster that is Gut Bucket. This is a brutally heavy band, that writes fresh, catchy music and truly is doing something 100% different, separating themselves from almost every other band in the underground scene. If you dig death metal, true punk rock and horror culture, Gut Bucket needs to be the next band you check out. You can find them on Facebook and reverbnation where you can listen to some songs and contact them to purchase your copy of "Shattering Your Faith". You can hear cuts from this disk on Thursday nights from 7pm to 10pm EST onwww.brutalexistenceradio.com.