Monday, December 16, 2013

Driven Mad - "Committed"

 "Committed" is Driven Mad's 5 song 2013 release. The band consists of vocalist Sam Walters, guitarist Dmitri Kalmar (both having previously spent time together in the NYC Funk/Metal band King Hell!) drummer Angel Cotte (also of the bands Alekhine's Gun, Dehumanized, Chesty Malone & The Slice 'Em Ups and just about every other awesome band NYC has to offer) and bassist Jon Feirman. "Gripping The Third Rail" kicks off this 5 song set with technical riffing and blazing metal attitude. Mammoth rythms, frantic vocals and frequent tempo changes push and pull this song for over 4 solid minutes of pure controlled chaos. Driven Mad showcase traditional thrash metal leanings, mixed with dirty Sabbath-fueled riffing and sludgy stoner metal. "Dead Slow" is another perfect example of this with it's ham-fisted riffs and face melting guitar runs. Picture Down and Megadeth in a Sons Of Anarchy styled bar fight and you'd have something eerily close to the musical pandemonium that Driven Mad serve up by the keg full. Sam's vocals range from the verge of power metal highs to guttural death metal lows, perfectly accentuating the musical madness created by Dmitri, Angel and Jon. "I Am The Mountain" is the most laid back cut here, with it's slow, greasy riffs oozing from the speakers and melting with Sams laid back approach that recalls Clutch's bearded frontman Neil Fallon. "Vertigo" is chock full of twisted, winding riffs that bring to mind Mastodon's "Blood Mountain" era. A non-stop barrage of metal compounded by Angel's precise drumming and Sam's maniacal vocal delivery make this my personal favorite of the 5 tracks on this disk. "Crosses of Bone" comes across almost Viking-metalish with it's huge riffs, gang vocals and epic vibe. Driven Mad raid and pillage with their swords and metal flags held high for sure. In a scene where cookie cutter bands are accepted, meat-headed fist-flailing breakdowns are the norm and hipsters try to call themselves "Black Metal", Driven Mad stand head and shoulders above the rest of the pack, setting a standard for originality, technicality and just plain old fashioned catchy and well written heavy metal music. If you are in search of something with substance, something different, something smooth and consistent but heavier than Thor's mighty hammer, than you need to give this band a listen and share the madness with your "Buds" over a few cold ones and make Driven Mad your new favorite band. You can find the band online at where you can purchase cd's and merch and keep up with where and when they are destroying a venue near you. You can give them at "Like" at and you can email the band at as well.