Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Thermit - "Encephalopathy"

Thermit are a 5 piece, power thrash unit from Poland and Encephalopathy is their current 6 song offering. Musically, Thermit pack the punch and intensity of classic 80's thrash metal, with lots of double bass drumming, fast guitar picking and tons of circle pit friendly riffs. "Zombie Lover" opens this disk up with the ferocity of classic Exodus and the songwriting savvy of Metallica during the Cliff Burton era. While Thermit's love for thrash is blatantly obvious, the band also mixes in elements of classic metal in the vein of Iron Maiden, Judas Priest and Mercyful Fate with their frequent use of dueling guitar harmonies and smooth melodies that the band seemlessly weaves in between their crunchy, Megadeth like riffs. Other than their blazing, melodious guitar work, the huge thing that makes Thermit stick out from the thrash pack is the vocal stylings of Trzeszcz. On the track "Second" in particular we hear a vocalist with amazing range. Rather than the typical thrash metal barking and screaming style, we are treated to the stylings of a frontman more akin to Rob Halford, King Diamond or Cam Pipes from 3 Inches Of Blood, further pushing the power metal envelope and bringing a nice mix to Thermit's own unique brand of metal. "Now You See" is an intense track, that begins with beautiful acoustic guitars and grows into a throbbing stomp with lots of tight, fast guitar riffing reminiscent of early Iced Earth and "Master Of Puppets" era Metallica with a touch of Slayer thrown in for good measure. "Other Man" sounds as if it was written way back in 1986, full of amazing lead guitarwork and harmonies that will bang the heads of Iron Maiden fans and vicious verses that will snap the necks of anyone within ear shot. "Holy Bomb" rounds out the first 5 original cuts on Encephalopathy with lots of high pitched, hair raising vocals, groovy, trudging riffs and at the 2:50 mark showcases a drum and bass section tight enough to be compared to Rex Brown and Vinny Paul of Pantera fame. Track 6 gives us "Thermitallica", a 10 minute mix and mash up, or "Mosh up" of Thermit melting together some of our favorite Metallica moments in medley form. From "Battery" to "All Nightmare Long", "Damage Inc." to "Holier Than Thou", "The Shortest Straw" to "Disposable Heroes" and more, Thermit does an incredible job with their own take on a Metallica medley, and with a hilarious ending! Thermit assault the senses in an old school way, rapid fire riffing, warp speed drumming, thick grooves and a vocal onslaught of glorious power metal caliber. Encephalopathy is metal for the beer drinking, leather and denim clad warriors of the world. If you love to headbang, if you know what REAL moshing is, if you play air guitar along to the six string axe slingers you worship, if your vest is covered in band patches and beer stains, then Thermit is the band you NEED to hear and Encephalopathy is a disk you NEED to add to your collection immediately!!! You can find the band online at and you can grab CD's and shirts from them at