Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Necroptic Engorgement

 True old school death metal bands spawned from the Hudson Valley in NY are far and few between, especially when the band consists of younger dudes who wont call you a poser for not being first in line at the record store when Death released their "Scream Bloody Gore" album. Necroptic Engorgement obviously know what old school death metal is and how to play it correctly without crossing the line into "Deathcore" or "Tech-Death" like most up and coming death metal bands are guilty of. Their 5 song EP absolutely crushes from beginning to end. Fast, catchy, technical, but not flashy in the vein of early Cannibal Corpse is the base in which Necroptic build from as evidenced in tunes like "Homicidal Sativa" and "Lower Berth". But, dont be mistaken, these guys are far from Cannibal clones, there is a ton of originality in these tunes as well as impeccable musicianship. "Machete Dismemberment" delivers musical punishment equally as deadly as it's song title, with tight grooves and eerie descending guitar runs that will be stuck in your head once they drill their way in. "Necroptic Engorgement" calls to mind vintage Deicide with it's hyperspeed riffing, intense blast beats and contrast of high and low vocals. Frantic riffing, odd timings and neck snapping pace make this track one of my favorite on the disk. "Revelations" is one of this disks more chaotic songs, timing changes and skull pounding grooves that take you by surprise, Necroptic Engorgement are good for keeping you expecting the unexpected. Overall this is an extremely well executed debut effort, by a band that will surely gain a strong fan base of old school and new school death metal purists who are tired of the same old thing. You can find Necroptic Engorgement on FB to keep uo with what they have in store for us next. Grab a t-shirt and a copy of this awesome 5 song disk from them and do yourself a favor and grab a ticket to see them on Tainted Entertainment's showcases on March 2nd in Albany with Dying Fetus and Job For A Cowboy, and on April 10th at the Loft in Poughkeepsie with Kittie! Necroptic Engorgement also have tickets for sale for their show on March 8th at Dingbatz in NJ with Hate Eternal.

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