Monday, April 16, 2012

Mausoleum - "Back From The Funeral"

Next up are Philadeplhia death/doom metallers Mausoleum and their newest release "Back From The Funeral". If there's 2 things I love in my dirty, crusty death metal music it's a heaping helping of slow crunchy doom riffs and lyrical content dealing with zombies. With "Back From The Funeral" Mausoleum find the perfect balance of uptempo, classic death metal formula combined with filthy down tuned riffs that crawl up your spine and leaving your speakers oozing with undead sludge. Prevalent influences shown throughout this disk are Deceased, Autopsy, Black Sabbath and "Scream Bloody Gore"-era Death for sure. The guitars are dripping with that 90's death metal buzzsaw sound made famous by the likes of Sweden's own Entombed and Dismember. Drummer/vocalist Rick Boast has a great vocal style reminiscent of early Chuck Schuldiner, Chris Reifert and John Tardy at times with his vomitous screams. "Dead Walkers" is a standout track here, with it's dragging tempo and schizophrenic lead break. "Radioactive Resurrection" has a classic Obituary groove accented with some classic dooming riffery. "Comsumed By The Deceased" could surely be the soundtrack to a zombie horde limping towards civilation and creating mayhem, feasting on everyone in it's path. The albums title track and "Graveyard Shift" close out this gory bloodfeast with dark riffs, and seething musical passages that create an uneasy vibe. "Back From The Funeral" takes the listener on a journey through the perils of an undead apocalypse, and these 9 tracks are in fact somewhat of an audio horror movie, if you will. This is old school death metal done right, no breakdowns, no gang vocals and no "Core" to be found here at all, just alot of "Gore"! This album is available through the band themselves and through razorback recordings. You can find Mausoleum on Facebook and at where you can buy CD's & t-shirts. Mausoleum will be at The Loft in Poughkeepsie,NY on July 27th for Tainted Entertainment's Mortal Extinction Fest. Come see Mausoleum, Funerus, Left In Ruins and more as we celebrate Rock Fantasy's 26th anniversary!

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