Thursday, July 26, 2012

Bonded Through Hate - "Doomsday : The Rise Of Valhalla"

  • Bonded Through Hate are a completely brutal death metal fueled 4 piece from Southington,CT. Their 5 song EP "Doomsday : The Rise Of Valhalla" was produced at Ear One Studios, whose past production endeavors include the likes of 100 Demons and 25 Ta Life amongst others. Fans of old school CT death metallers Tyrant Trooper, will be pleased to see guitarist Ron Kuzcuk and drummer Justin Lanteri back doing what they do best, and with the addition of vocalist Allyn Lopes and bassist Aaron Spring, this deadly combo brings forth slamming death metal with a classic hardcore groove, as evident in all 5 tracks on "Doomsday...". After a 20 second growling/screaming vocal intro reminiscent of the beginning of Slayer's classic "Hell Awaits", the brutality kicks in immediately with opening track "Killing Is My Name". This band is all about the riff. From it's furious, almost black metal paced verse, to it's groud shaking, crunchy chorus, the listener is then relentlessly pounded with a thumping breakdown that recalls early Machine Head(before the whole Nu-metal thing) and Crowbar at their absolute heaviest. "Doomsday : The Rise Of Valhalla", the EP namesake track is served up next with a slew of old school riffs that invoke the spirits of Barnes-era Cannibal Corpse and melt with the thick meaty riffs of Dismember in the chorus and bridge pieces. Plus, how can you NOT love a death metal song based around viking lore?! Guitarist Ron really taps into the classic "Buzzsaw" guitar tone, made famous by classic swedish bands like Entombed, Hypocrisy and the aforementioned Dismember. The bass really stands out in this recording and helps truly give these songs that extra sledgehammer-like pound, and puts the ultimate exclamation on the remarkable drumming showcased here. And lets not forget the frontman, who's range goes from a deep Glenn Benton-like growl, to a burning black metal blaze. When the vocal highs and lows are mixed here on this disk, and the band are blasting away in the back, you'd be hard pressed to find a tighter, more deadly band. "Alone In Flames" chugs along at a frenzied pace with break-neck speed, and only relents to make way to a pounding break at the midway mark for the band to show off their true hardcore roots. Think Suffocation meets Internal Bleeding for this track, tons of brutality with a huge helping of slam. "To Live Or Die" starts off ferociously, then gives way to a break sizzling with unadulterated Nola sludge. Bonded Through Hate make it sound effortless to transition from death metal insanity, to rugged hardcore riffery. "BTK" brings the slab of heaviness to an end, and if your a serial killer afficionado like myself, you are in for a treat here. A sample from the BTK movie where Kane Hodder(who more famously has made his name slaughtering tons of drunken, horn-dog teens as Jason Voorhees in the Friday the 13th series) plays the part of psycho maniac Dennis Rader aka the BTK(Bind, Torture, Kill) killer. The creepy sample ends and the listener is mauled with pure death metal riff-mania in the traditional style. For 4 minutes and 10 seconds the band pushes and pulls their musical momentum with a barrage of music that runs the gamut from thrash to death to hardcore. To think that this 5 song EP is just the beginning of what we can expect from Bonded Through Hate is quite the notion, all this reviewer can do is wait with anxiousness for the follow up. Keep up with the band at you can purchase copies of this CD and t-shirts as well directly from the band, and you can also buy this CD direct from Give this band a "Like", spread their links around and add "Doomsday : The Rise Of Valhalla" to your collection immediately, I can guarantee you'll spin this disk to death!!! You can hear cuts from this disk every Thursday from 7pm to 10pm EST at

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