Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Undivided - "No One's Safe"

I've been salivating to get at this one for a while now. "No One's Safe" is the much anticipated follow up to Undivided's 2009 release "Until Death". This stellar 14 track release overflows with furious, thrashing crossover hardcore. I'm a huge fan of title tracks, I believe they set the tone for the entire album, and as a musician myself I believe if your going to title your album after one of your songs, it better be a rager. Well there's no disappointment here at all. "No One's Safe" kicks this disk off, and runs the gauntlet from speedy thrash to rugged hardcore riffing, and the ripping guitar solo is the icing on the proverbial cake. This tune literally lays the foundation for the other 13 tracks to follow and let's the listener know we are in for one hell of a ride. Songs like "The Line's Been Crossed", "Words Of Wisdom","Keep It To Yourself" and "The Rebirth Of The Righteous"(both of which boast more face-melting guitar leads provided by Nick Koykas) arent just catchy, but literally infectious. Undivided have a penchant for stringing together unforgettable riffs and turning them into really solid songs, that if your a fan of all things thrash and harcore you just cant get enough of. The rythmn guitars seethe with classic thrash metal tone, and recall the choppy, stacatto and almost "Helicopter"-like sound, most notably heard on the classic Metallica debut "Kill 'Em All" and Exodus' cornerstone "Bonded By Blood". Frontman Dante's angry vocal snarl and bassist Max's frantic screams compliment each other perfectly. Picture if you will, Carnivore-era Pete Steele, and Subzero frontman Lou Dibella sharing the microphone in a call/answer style similar to classic Biohazard, (but with alot more thrash influence and a little less hip-hop going on), and you'll have a good idea of the chemistry between these two. While I love this whole disk, I do have my favorite tracks that stand out to me. "Some Cunt In A S.U.V." with it's thuggish, stomping verse and frenzied, hyper-punk chorus, is short and to the point and tells the ultimate road rage tale lyrically. "If You Only Knew" is one of the albums longer tunes, and plods along at a heavy mid-pace. The lyrics here play out somewhat of a "Death Metal"-esque stalker story. Man wants woman, woman hates man, man breaks into womans bedroom, kidnaps her, has his way, leaves her in a ditch, then wakes up to realize it was a dream. Almost something you'd expect to read from a Cannibal Corpse lyric booklet, but that just shows how Undivided keep it fresh and think outside the box to keep the listener from growing bored. "4 For 25", picks the pace back up a bit, a little less thrash and alot more traditional NYHC is on display here musically. Rugged, pavement pounding verses and chorus ooze from the speakers, while lyrically the song tells a story of the ills of heroin abuse. Undivided also manage to show off their traditional punk roots in this disk as evidenced in the songs "Why You Runnin?" with it hyper verses and choruses and also in the 1:04, catchy power chord fest that is "Never Forget". "Alone For A Reason" ends this album on more of a classic NYHC note. Elements of Madball and early Biohazard and Pro-Pain combine to round this song out and leave the listener ready to hit the repeat button on the stereo and take this ride all over again. If I could try and sum up the Undivided sound in one sentence, I think I'd call them NY's answer to D.R.I. Think the classic "Thrash Zone" album with the rough and rugged NY attitude and style and you'd have a pretty good idea of what these crossover masters from Rockland,NY serve up. You can find Undivided on facebook at contact the band, hit the "Like" button and inquire how to grab copies of this awesome CD! The band will be heading out on a European trek with Hemlock, and veteran road-dogs Pro Pain, so keep your eyes open and go see Undivided live, I can personally attest that their live show lives up to their recorded performance! You can hear cuts from this disk every Thursday night from 7pm to 10pm EST at

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