Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Generation Kill - "Red, White And Blood"

Generation Kill are a 5 piece, raging Thrash metal band from NY. Their lineup boasts Exodus frontman Rob Dukes, and former Pro-Pain and M.O.D. bassist Rob Moschetti, so while the band itself may be relative new to the metal community, it's core members are certainly seasoned veterans who have long paid their dues, and this is readily apparent on the bands Season Of Mist released debut album "Red, White and Blood". This 11 song opus is rife with the old school "denim and leather" vibe that will have purists of this classic genre foaming at the mouth, ready to guzzle some cold suds and jump into the pit. After a melancholic acoustic intro, the album opener "Hate" suddenly kicks the listener in the teeth with breakneck riffing, running the gamut from super angry punk metal to speed fueled mayhem. The album's title track showcases more of the bands traditional hardcore roots, undoubtedly brought to the forefront by Moschetti. Crunchy choruses and hook-filled bridge riffs, make this track one of my personal faves on the album, fans of the Full Metal Jacket movie will especially appreciate the lyrics on the break in this one. "Feast For The Wolves" is yet another especially noteworthy track that begs for repeated listens. It's wrist-shattering verse riffs just ooze with classic thrash metal sound in the vein of early Exodus and Megadeth, and it's melodic open chorus calls to mind "Souls Of Black" era Testament. The dual guitar attack on this entire recording is solid and completely air tight. Both players harness the classic thrash metal tone, with the crunchy attack made famous by the forefathers of this genre, and the blazing leads sear through the speakers and just melt the listeners face off. Rob's thick wall of bass is very audible in the mix and packs a powerful punch without being muddy. And let's be honest here Rob actually makes use of his instrument and isnt just a "follow along" player like some of the big dogs in the thrash game, as evidenced in the brooding "Self Medicating" and the surprising melodic ballad track here "Dark Days". You read that right, there's a ballad here and Rob Dukes actually sings, and sings quite well. Mix Pantera's cover of "Planet Caravan" with the Down classic "Jail" and you have something close to this awesome track Generation Kill serve up. I think mr. Anselmo himself would be proud and I could actually hear Rob and Phil trading vocals on this one. Since this recording the band have recruited Jim Demaria to pound the skins, but on this recording Mortician/Funerus drummer Sam Inzerra takes the throne and his attack is relentless. His tight groove couldnt be any more "in the pocket" on tracks like "Depraved Indifference" and "Slow Burn", and when he lets the speed loose, his playing is second to none on tracks like "Walking Dead" and "Hate". Top this stellar musicianship off with Rob Dukes angry, venom spewing vocal assault and Moschetti's irate backing vocals and you have a perfect recipe for a dangerous album. Above all else, what stands out here is the pure raw songwriting talent. Fast raging riffing often flows seemlessly into catchy, punk fueled pieces and then transition into groovy barrages of hardcore slam. There's an undeniable chemistry on Generation Kill's "Red, White and Blood", that I feel alot of the new wave of thrash bands are lacking. This isnt a novelty act with patch covered demin vests, flipped-brim baseball caps and nike high-tops. This is a band that writes great music and as long as they keep this monsterous machine well-oiled, they will have alot of staying power and keep hitting it out of the park like they do on this debut. If this band didnt keep the listener on it's toes enough through this excellent recording, we are lastly treated to their twist on the Nine Inch Nails classic "Wish". The industrial vibe and slight effects are kept alive in the songs verses, and the chorus bust wide open with throbbing metal fever. It's not often a band can do better than the original, but with this tune not only do Generation Kill do the original justice, they make the original sound weak by comparison! If your a fan of Rob's work with Exodus, if your bored with all these new kids playing the same recycled Meshuggah riffs, if you crave something new and fresh, yet simultaneously true to the old school sound...if you love heavy metal, you need to make "Red, White and Blood" from Generation Kill a part of your CD collection. You can find this disk at FYE, Bestbuy, Amazon and you can download it from itunes as well. You can keep up with them at http://www.facebook.com/GENERATIONKILL1 they have a ton of upcoming shows including August 26th at Dingbatz in Clifton, NJ with Kill Devil Hill(featuring Rex Brown of Pantera/Down and Vinny Appice of Black Sabbath). You can hear cuts from this CD Thursday nights from 7pm to 10pm EST at http://www.brutalexistenceradio.com/

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