Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Let me introduce you to my NYDM 5 State brothers Enabler. This is a new project, fronted by Aaron Whitesides, guitarist of the legendary Anal Blast. This debut disk is 10 songs of pure, unbridled Death N' Roll chaos. Short and catchy(No song here is longer than 3 minutes) with a punk attitude, and definitely no loss of a sense of humor, when listening to this disk one can only imagine the fun these dudes had recording and the debauchery that ensued in the recording studio for the sessions! Those of us who get endless hours of enjoyment watching the youtube phenomenon that is Tourette's Guy will LOVE the 2nd half of this recording. With track titles like "Fuck Salt", "Paper Towels" and my personal favorite here "The Last Time I gave a Shit I Got Fucked", quoting actual lines from the most memorable skits over catchy Motorhead meets Suffocation styled riffing. But dont get it twisted, while Enabler are trying to evoke a laugh with humorous lyrical content, the music rocks hard and Enabler's songwriting talent shines through on every track here. "Cocaine and Cheese Curds" is full of punk and sludge metal, reminiscent of Soilent Green until it hit's the thrashy/NWOBHM styled bridge, then comes back for more mayhem. "I Got A 5 Spot(On a 30 Rack to Stop the War)" is 90 seconds of old school Thrash worship that recalls early Sepultura. And speaking of old Roadrunner bands, you gotta love the Obituary vocal influence in "EWWWW!!! (Toddler Metal)". A pleasant surprise here is the inclusion of a hyper death metal rendition of the Black Sabbath classic "Snowblind", turning the slow cocaine love ballad into a 2 minute and 30 second rager of pure adrenalized speed metal. From the start of album opener "No More Again", it's no surprise what your getting from Enabler, short and to the point, blasting, raucous and chaotic. Enabler are bringing it back to a simpler time when Metal was all about fun. Hanging out with your friends, draining a few 12 packs and stumbling home in the morning with your demin vest stinking like "Sweet Leaf". Keeping it heavy and having some laughs in the process, rather than focusing on serious, tough guy attitude and posturing. Find Enabler on Facebook, give them a "Like" and keep an eye out as I'm sure they will be hitting a venue near you sooner or later. I can only imagine how awesome this group is in a live setting...break out the beer funnel and crank up Enabler!!!

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