Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Sacrificial Slaughter vs. Enfuneration split album

It's my pleasure to review for you, an awesome split album recently released by 2 of the undergrounds best and heaviest bands, California's Sacrificial Slaughter and my NYDM brothers from Oklahoma : Enfuneration. This disk simply titled "Sacrificial Slaughter vs. Enfuneration", showcases 5 songs of Thrashing Death Metal brutality from each band. SS starts the disk off with the violent fury of "Reign Of The Hammer", featuring guest guitar and vocals spots from my NYDM 5 State chapter brother Aaron T. Whitesides, guitarist of seminal NYDM band Anal Blast and current frontman of the Tourettes Guy obsessed Death N' Rollers, Enabler. (Aaron has also moonlighted as touring guitarist for SS recently) The relentless assault of frantic riffing continues through the next track "80 Proof Justice", with it's neck snapping verse and machine gunning chorus. The bridge only slightly lets up from the relentless assault with a grooving riff that reminds this review of older Goatwhore. "Ruthless & Truthless" is next and is my personal favorite of the SS tracks here. Speedy guitar trills and slamming grooves call to mind a mix of "The Bleeding"-era Cannibal Corpse and classic Internal Bleeding. The vicious mix of low and high vocal growls not just on this track, but throughout the entire 5 songs will have Deicide disciples worshipping at the altar of Sacrificial Slaughter. "Compound Fracture" and "Acid Reflux" round out the SS side of this split with pure hellfire and brimstone. These dudes make no bones about keeping it old-school. Thrash flavored riffage reminiscent of classic Death, Possessed and even a touch of old Sepultura, forged with an amazing low end and a drummer that puts all of Hot Topic's a-list scenesters to shame (go get a tissue, your getting mascara in my beer). Sacrificial Slaughter is a band for the beer swilling, denim clad Metalhead, thank the Metal gods that a band like this still exists! Not a single breath of relief is taken and we're treated to Enfunerations 5 songs of maniacal fury next. "Insidious Domain" unleashes hell right at the get go. Those who remember reading my review of their album "Souls To Burn" about a dozen or more issues back will be pleased to know that Enfuneration dont throw any curveballs here. No breakdowns, no bloated choruses and no overused sweeping arpeggios to be found here. Pure unrelenting riffery, pounding double bass and guttural growls reminiscent of vintage Dave Vincent(yeah, way before he sold out and made disco music) are abound in all 5 of this OKDM bands evil overtures. Speaking of Dave Vincent, if you were unfortunate enough to have bought that abomination of a CD Morbid Angel recently released and were left scratching your head wondering where all the Death Metal went...well, Enfuneration got it all right here on this disk. "Bearing Their Scars" serves up lots of awesome leads that will sooth the savage beast in all you guitar hungry listeners, and has an almost Black Metal-esque feeling with its tremolo riffs and eerie musical passages. "Stygian Darkness" and "Endless Suffering" both serve up tremendous riff-o-ramas, in both of these songs you can tell Enfuneration have spent some time studying at the school of Chuck Schuldiner and if the grooving bridge riff towards the end of "Endless Suffering" doesnt get your head nodding and make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up, then you might wanna check your pulse! "Grieving Process Denied" closes this disk out, and is not only my fave from the Enfunerations side, but my favorite song on the disk in all. All 6+ minutes of this track are chock full of insane timing changes, frenzied double bass drumming, and slow, apocalyptic doomy riffs that ooze from the speakers. All in all this is one heck of a split album with top notch performances from both bands. If you like it fast, heavy and covered in old-school, then you need to grab this disk immediately and add it to your musical library. You can find both bands on Facebook, give them a "Like" and inquire how to get a copy of this ripping CD. You can hear cuts from this disk and all your underground favorites every Thursday night from 7pm to 12am EST at www.brutalexistenceradio.com

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