Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Sapremia - "With Winter Comes Despair"

Next is my review of NJ death stalwarts Sapremia and their 2008 Open Grave records release "With Winter Comes Despair". Sapremia are far from new comers to the death metal scene. Having been an originator in the local scene here in the early 90's, they split for almost 10 years and returned in 2007 with a vengeance releasing a split CD on Open Grave records, then immediately coming back in 2008 with this full length brutal death metal onslaught. From the beginning track "Open Grave", the listener is assaulted with a barrage of speedy technical riffs mixed with brutal stomping grooves. If headbanging and circle pits are what you crave, Sapremia provides the perfect soundtrack to your metal mayhem with this full length. "The Despair Of Winter" showcases sludgier, doomier riffing while keeping the brutal beating relentless. The frantic riffing in "Ambitious Suffering" picks the pace back up and doesnt let up for over 3 minutes. "Life Of Fantasy" is one of my faves here with it's push/pull riffing and extreme timing changes. Bassist/frontman Lou Ferrara has one of the most unique and discernable death metal growls this reviewer has ever heard, no mic cupping here folks, just pure guttural vocals done right! "Cold War" is another top fave of mine from this disk, kicking in with a great guitar run that recalls classic Slayer then gets almost Celtic Frost-ish with it's epic galloping bridge. "Through Sight Beyond" is my absolute favorite here, I cant help but play this one over and over with it's classic thrashing riffs that call to mind Leprosy-era Death with a touch of classic Dismember in the mix. "Ascension" closes the disk out with it's slow creeping intro followed by maniacal guitar runs and lots of great blasting drums, then back again for some doomy groove and just when you've caught your breath, back again with another violent speed attack! Fans of classic era Morbid Angel, early Death, Deicide and Barnes-era Cannibal Corpse will worship at the blood encrusted altar of Sapremia after just 1 listen to "With Winter Comes Despair". Just one look at the gruesome cover art and all you old schoolers will know exactly what you are in for. Go find the band on facebook and hit that "Like" button to keep up on what Sapremia has in store for us in 2012. A new album and new merch are on the horizon as are lots of live performances, so keep your eyes peeled and get ready for the brutality!

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