Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Mythology - "The Impaler"

Next up, my Black Metal brothers from Plattsburgh,NY Mythology. They recently released their full-length LP "The Impaler" and it's one crushing slab of old school styled Black Metal! Those of us educated on Vlad Tepes (Vlad "The Impaler") and his story, will take a look at the cover art and the names of tracks like "The Forest Of The Impaled" and "Rebuilding Poenari" and will salivate knowing this disk is somewhat of a Black Metal concept album about the legendary historical figure. Lyrically the album takes you through multiple battles and scenarios recounted from Vlad's bloodsoaked ventures, and more often than not tells the tales from what would be his point of view, which this reviewer feels makes the album and songs in particular that much more interesting and special. "Suffering Unbound" in particular is lyrically one of my faves from this album as the lyrics detail what it's like to be impaled and the suffering that it entails. Musically Mythology arent trying to re-invent the Black Metal wheel. These guys stick to the brutal and fast format and dont deviate much from the path forged by the innovators like Immortal, Darkthrone (track 12 on this disk is a cover of their "Transylvanian Hunger") and Emperor. There are parts where the band does Thrash it up a bit with riffs that remind me of "Hell Awaits" era Slayer in tunes like "Barbaric Warfare" and "1462", bang your head until your neck snaps and circle pit like it was 1986 all over again! All in all, if you want your Black Metal in the traditional style without all the bells and whistles that some of the more symphonic bands go for, if you want it fast and brutal and bare bones the old school way, then you wanna go find Mythology on Facebook and grab a copy of "The Impaler" right now. I've had the pleasure of witnessing Mythology live on a couple occasions and on stage they are just as lethal as you'd think, adorning the stage in full corpse paint and spiked leather regalia, these guys are trying to keep the spirit of what their forefathers created alive and they are doing a damn good job at it! You can hear cuts from this disk Thursday nights on Up From The Underground from 7pm to 12am at www.brutalexistenceradio.com. Want your CD reviewed here and spun on the internet's #1 Metal station? Just send me a disk to Left In Ruins P.O.Box 923 Ossining,NY 10562.

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