Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Sourvein - "Black Fangs"

Next up is the newest release from North Carolina Sludge Metal masters Sourvein. "Black Fangs" is the bands first full length release since 2003's "Will To Mangle". Frontman T-roy has been waiting for the right time and right label to come along to release a full length and Candlelight records provided the band with the right means and promotion for the band to unleash their newest offering. From the album opener "Fangs" to the album closer "Nocturnal/Negative Phase" this album takes the listener on a dark, evil sludge filled journey. Pain, angst, misery and depression reign supreme in this bands lyrical and musical opus. The grooves are slow and dirty, the guitar riffs are tuned way low and extra fuzzy, the Bass is is muddy and bottom heavy and T-roy displays some of the most sickening and writhing vocals ever vomited forth. Quite frankly I cannot fathom how something this heavy can be contained on a plastic disk. Tunes like "Night Eyes", "Gemini", "Flux..." and "Gasp!" make this disk weigh more than a pair of cement shoes on a drowning victim in the Hudson River. Most fans of the Sludge/Doom genre should already know this legendary band and own this album, but for those of you out of the loop, if you like Down, Eyehategod, Bongzilla, Crowbar and bands in that vein you NEED a copy of Sourvein's "Black Fangs". Thanks to Loukemia Labs I recently had the pleasure of enjoying this band live at Popeye's Pub and I can honestly say in my 10 plus years of frequenting shows there, I have NEVER seen/felt/heard a band shake the walls like Sourvein, I literally thought the building was going to collapse on top of everyone and if it had, I would have met my maker in a sludgy Doom filled bliss. "Black Fangs" is definitely one of the top 10 heaviest releases of 2011 and I recommend it to all of you reading this article. Go find Sourvein on Facebook and give them a "Like" and grab a copy of "Black Fangs" and spread the word to all of your Doom loving friends. Sourvein are going to make a 2nd run of US tour dates very soon so go see them when they hit your area and keep an eye out for their next recording which they are in the midst of writing as we speak.

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