Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Brick By Brick - "Severed Ties"

Next up are Troy, NY hardcore metallers Brick By Brick with their full length album "Severed Ties". Brick By Brick serve up textbook, old school style hardcore done the right way, but with an extra heavy pounding assault that some hXc purists may say makes them too "Metal" to be "Hardcore", but I say these cats are doing it 100% RIGHT! If you ever wondered what would happen if you mixed equal parts Biohazard, with Pantera, Full Blown Chaos, Madball and Machine Head the end result would be pretty darn close to what Brick By Brick serve up here with "Severed Ties". Uptempo, thrashy pieces give way to street savvy, pavement pounding grooves and skull crushing breakdowns as evident in tracks like the album opener "Cant Be Broken", "Every Ounce Of Blood" and one of my top faves from this album "What Comes Around" which you can actually find a killer video for on youtube. "Liar" packs all the headbanging groove you'd find in Pantera's "Vulgar Display" album along with the intensity found on Vision Of Disorders debut album in one 3 minute track. "One More Fistfight" is a more traditional NYHC piece calling to mind classic Agnostic Front with it's punk fueled verses. "The Ultimate Price" is my go to track on this awesome offering, with it's eerie into provided by none other than notorious hitman Richard "The Iceman" Kuklinsky. Classic Biohazard fused with early Machine Head riffing and rage fueled vocals make this tune the ultimate groove fest. "Your Weeping Eyes" and "The Final Goodbye" close out this rager each with riffs that would surely have Dimebag himself raising the horns in approval and will move the feet and keep the heads nodding of all who crave the hardcore sound. Find Brick By Brick on facebook and give them a "Like" and grab a copy of this awesome disk, I guarantee you will give it plenty of spins!!!

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